Meet some of our church members…

Ian, Denise and family


 Welcome to the Holy Redeemer website. There is lots to explore and we hope you enjoy it.  The members of the Holy Redeemer are great people and you will find truth and love when you visit.  We hope that you come to see us! Ian

Involvement: Ian is Vicar and Denise runs Little Nippers.

Time at Church:

Ian 23 years, Denise 11 years.


Music, Tennis, ice skating and London, but mainly spending time with Anna, James and Benjamin (our children).

Cecil and Coral

Cecil & Coral


Cecil is Church Warden and Coral helps serve at church.

Time at church:

Cecil 32 years, Coral 4 years

Cecil, what do you do as church Warden?

“My job is to look after the fabric of the church, to advise church members and support the minister”

Coral, what do you like about the Holy Redeemer?

“I found the church welcoming and friendly, and I like the fact that the message (talk) is scriptural; it gives me something to think about in everyday life.”


Gardening, walking, readings, puzzles, code words.



Home group member.  Music group leader. Church scrabble tournament organiser.

Time at church

Since a boy.

Why is singing an important part of church for you?

“Singing is a really important part of church for me because it provides an opportunity to express praise and thanks to God for His amazing grace, His love and His mercy which He constantly shows His people.  It is also great to be able to sing to each other as Christians and encourage each other in that way and it is a great witness to those who don’t know the Lord that he fills us with joy!”

Musical Instruments

The drums, trumpet, a little bit of guitar and a keen rapper – strictly Gospel centered though!

Jonny and Katrina

Involvement with church?

Children’s and youth leaders, home group, practical stuff.  Jonny works for the church and preaches occasionally.

Time at church?

Nearly two years.

Jonny, what’s it like working for the church?

Fantastic and hard work.  I thank God for the privilege of being supported to teach the Bible and help run the church.

Katrina, what’s the best way to get to know people in church?

The best way is simply to come along and stay for a cup of tea after a service.   Then come a few more times and join us and others for lunch at ours!

Jonny, you have exactly the same name as someone else in church. How can we tell you apart?

He’s taller, I’m louder, more Chinese and have keys to the church office.


Badminton, Rock climbing, Table tennis, Singing, Carcassone (the board game not the French town), Newcastle United football club.



Time at church

One month.




Trapped wind and being poked by his sister.

Favourite Bible verse

1 Peter 2:2-3

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