Bi-weekly update 15/9/2021

Dear Church Family,

Most of us living in ‘the West’ have similar longings: we want freedom, fairness, and a fruitful, flourishing life. The question is, how are those aspirations going to be fulfilled??

Most assume it is by looking within ourselves. By discovering who we are, and being true to ourselves … by doing what’s right for me … being authentically myself … because I myself am the ultimate authority … following my dream is the right thing to do … the fruitful way to live.

But there are some warning bells – the divorce rate climbs, the birth rate declines; mental health declines, the number of ‘safe spaces’ increases; desire for sexual fullfilment increases, the number of people enjoying sex declines; the egalitarian dream is embraced, the gulf between the sexes and social groups widens; the opportunities to ‘be myself’ multiplies, the confidence in ‘who I am’ declines.

Is our culture really delivering what it promises? Perhaps it is time to ask, is there a better story? In John 10:10 Jesus says:

“I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.’

Anyone who reads a gospel honestly would say that Jesus’ life was fruitful. 

He wasn’t married, but taught that marriage is designed to be for life, and to be honoured by all.

He didn’t have a sexual relationship, but enjoyed a depth of friendship with men and women that was deep and strong.

He had pressure from his family, but protected them and remained true to them to the end.

Perhaps there is a better story? 

If you’re over 16, come along to the Parish Hall at 6.30 this Tuesday 21 September and the following 4 Tuesdays for a light meal and our ‘Better Story’ series from 7.15-8.30pm. There will be life stories, talks, and discussions around the Bible. We’ll be asking if there is a better way to have the fruitful, flourishing lives we all yearn for? 

Your brother in Christ,


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