We hope that you will feel very welcome and comfortable when you visit us.  Going to a new church can be daunting; there is always a fear that you will do the wrong thing.  This is to put you at ease!


Here are answers to 10 questions that you may have about our services.

1. What do I wear?

What ever you feel comfortable in – providing that it is not indecent!  The services get more casual as Sunday progresses, with some at the 9.00am wearing suits and hats and those at the 10.45am service generally not.  The only thing that we would ask you not to wear is stiletto heels, which seriously damages our hall floor.

2. How long is the service?

Usually no more than one hour and 15 minutes.

3. What do I do when I come in?

At the morning services, you will normally be given notice sheet at the door. Sit anywhere you like where there is a free chair.  Keep your coat and belongings with you, which you can hang on your chair.

4. What about bringing children?

Children are welcome.  The 10.45am service is particularly geared to families with children.  Your children can stay in the service with you (they may need something quiet to distract them). Or they can go out to our children’s groups leaving you in peace! For more about our groups, click here.

5. What happens during the services?

Typically we sing songs, have prayers, a Bible reading, talk and, sometimes, special presentations.  We normally stand to sing songs and sit to pray and listen to the talk.  Our songs are a mixture of traditional hymns and modern Christian songs played by a group.

6. Will I be made to do anything?

No, you can sit and do nothing if you want.  Most people join in with the songs.  You may not know the tune but the words will be projected on the wall.  The person leading the service will tell us what to do so that we can participate if we wish.

7. What do I do in a Communion Service?

Communion is where we share bread and wine (non-alcoholic) in remembrance of Jesus’ death for us. Before doing this we share ‘the peace’ – we shake hands with those around us and say ‘peace be with you’, which is an expression of the peace Christians have with one another because of peace with God.  All those who are following Jesus as Saviour and Lord are welcome to go up to the front of church to have the bread and wine.  Those who are not Christians, or who do not want to take communion for some reason, can either stay in their chairs or go up to the front for a prayer.

8. Will I be fleeced for money?

No.  When you come in, you will see a collection plate – please ignore it.  This is for our regular members who want to support the church financially.  We do not want visitors to feel obliged to give anything.

9. Can I talk to someone about problems or be prayed for?

Certainly.  Just speak to one of the leaders after the service and tell them you would like this.  They will either do so there and then or arrange for someone to meet you at another time if you want. For more about support with difficulties, click here.

10. What happens after the service?

Tea and coffee are served from the front of hall.  This is free.  People normally mingle and talk.  Please stay around and meet people.  You are free to leave when ever you wish.

If you have any other questions, get in touch.

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