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The Holy Redeemer can be found on Facebook ®

Image by Gauldo, Flickr

Facebook® is a social networking site with more than 350 million active users.   Alot of people spend a lot of time on the site (often when they should be doing other things!).   The site provides an easy way to keep people up-to-date with our news and to invite friends to our events.

How does it work?

The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed from the Holy Redeemer Church website will now automatically updates the Facebook® page with our news.   From time to time we will also post details of events, videos and photos of life at church.

Isn’t there already a page on Facebook®?

There is a Holy Redeemer Streatham ‘group’ rather than a ‘page’.   A ‘page’ is more versatile and can be linked up to our news feed.  To avoid confusion, the old group will now be called ‘Friends of the Holy Redeemer’ and can be used by current and past members to keep in touch.

Keep up with our news by becoming a ‘fan’.

Image by Gauldo, Flickr. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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