HR Coronavirus Update 3

Dear Church Family,

The whole world feels like it has changed. We were used to thinking and traveling globally, and are now confined to our own homes. Our world has shrunk; even a trip to the park is a trip too far unless we’re going to exercise. In some parts of Europe, a permit is required to be more than 200m from home.

I wonder how you are coping with it? Some are taking it in their stride. Others are worried and anxious; much depends on our personalities and circumstances.

My thoughts are with those who are most isolated, and those most financially and medically vulnerable – social distancing makes the lonely more lonely. The economic crash makes financial pressures greater still; many worry about putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their head. Others are all too aware of the health threat.

In this update, there are suggested ways to connect with each other, to pray and help each other.

And information about applying for assistance through the local council for personal and business financial assistance.

With all this in mind, I’m encouraged by Paul’s example in Philippians 1:12-26. He is in prison, under threat of execution. He is unable to travel.

His ‘normal life’ routines were on hold. He depended on friends for food. And His life was in danger. What did he do?

He took the opportunity of sharing the good news of Christ Jesus with the Roman soldiers guarding him so that ‘it became clear to the whole palace guard and to everyone else that he was in chains for Christ (1:13).’ His boldness for the gospel encouraged others in the Christian family to ‘proclaim the gospel without fear (1:14).’ And he remembered that knowing Christ Jesus as Lord made death itself a friend: ‘for me to live is Christ, to die is gain (1:21).’

He looked death in the face and said ‘I desire to depart (ie die!) and be with Christ, which is better by far.’

Because he was confident that life with Christ after death is ‘better by far,’ he was able to face the dangers and difficulties he was in and continue to love and serve the people around him.

Let’s pray that by God’s grace, we’ll be like that!

Your brother in Christ,


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