Statement about the Review into Jonathan Fletcher and Emmanuel Church

Members of the church family may have heard about allegations of abuse committed by Jonathan Fletcher, the former Vicar of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon, against a number of people in Emmanuel Church and also in the wider conservative evangelical community. Emmanuel Church commissioned a review from the safeguarding charity ThirtyOne:Eight to identify the ‘lessons learned’ from these allegations and the context in which the abuse took place. This Review was published in March this year. The PCC wishes to make a short statement in response to the Review.

Jonathan Fletcher has visited Holy Redeemer on a number of occasions and has played a significant role in shaping the ministry here. He was an influential figure in many networks in which Holy Redeemer is involved. Members of the Holy Redeemer church family may have been subject to abusive behaviour from Jonathan Fletcher (this includes physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, or psychological abuse). Church family members may have been subject to abuse from within Holy Redeemer, or in another church setting. If you feel this is you, or you know someone who has been abused, please contact the Parish Safeguarding Officers, Ian Gilmour or Lynn Andrews, or the Diocesan Safeguarding Team. Details of how to contact our own safeguarding officers and the Diocesan Safeguarding Officers are on the Holy Redeemer church website.

PCC will be considering the specific implications that this report has for us at HRS. We are committed to learning from this report. We will be reviewing the whole report to identify things that we should do that we are not doing and things that we are doing that could better be done better, and to implementing the changes that are identified.

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