The Bible-in-a-year Challenge

The challenge for the new year is to read the whole Bible in a year.

In our series on the Bible at Cafe Church last year (listen), we saw that ‘scripture interprets scripture’ –  that is, the difficult parts of the Bible are usually explained by the clearer bits of the Bible.  A good way to better understand the Bible, therefore, is to get to know more of it.

Bible-in-a-year is a way to help you do this.  The readings are grouped together to help you see the links between passages and they are divided up so that you can read through the whole Bible in a year.  It is a great way of reading or listening to the Bible and takes about 15 minutes a-day.

Here’s how

There are at least two ways you can do it: On-line. You can read and or listen to the Bible in a year on-line.   Visit the website below and it will give you 3 daily readings. Use the same computer, and it will keep track of your readings so that you can pick up where you left off.  Alternatively you can create a ‘Feed’ to deliver the readings to your computer everyday. Click on the ‘One year’ button below to visit the website.

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Year Bible. Another way you can do this easily is to buy a One Year Bible.   A year Bible is the same as a normal Bible but, again, it groups readings together under date headings.  There are various publishers that produce these – one example is below.  Alternatively, if you like using your Bible, you can print off a list of readings for the year here.

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Take the challenge

Why not take up the challenge? You could listen to the day’s passage in your lunch break on your computer at work.  You could try reading the Bible in another translation.  It will take discipline to keep doing this throughout the year, and you may need to catch up on daily readings that you miss.  But committing to do it with others helps.

Sign-up on the Holy Redeemer website (leave a reply below). See who’s already on the list below, and ask each other how you are getting on during the year.