Update on Building Work

The Holy Redeemer Church building has been unusable since 2007 due to a leaking roof. Restoration on the building began in the summer of 2011. Updates on the renovation work will be posted on this page.

A second application

January 2016

After review during the squatters’ occupation, the PCC concluded further planning advice was needed.

Savills have been appointed to prepare a second planning application, with further architectural advice. We hope to re-submit Summer 2016.

Our vision for the Eardley Road project continues to be:

1. To provide substantial funding for the main building development – although further fundraising is also necessary.

2. It is hoped to retain some residential accommodation to support Gospel ministry here into the future.

Addressing the Issues

March 2015

At the church AGM we were given an update on the conversion application, kindly presented by Charles Hayward.

We learnt that there we 3 reasons the plans were rejected.

1. Some windows may overlook other properties.

2. Cars would have to back out of the parking areas onto a busy road.

3. We haven’t made sufficient efforts to find new commercial tenants.

The first two issues have been address by adjusting the plans to include some obscured glass and re-arranging the parking bays so that vehicles can turn on the premises.

However, the third issue is tricky.  We now have to prove the property is not financially viable for commercial use which will involve another report and also put the property back on the commercial market for a further 3 months.  They hope to re-submit the plans to Lambeth Council this summer.

Please pray for the Trinitas team as they prepare to re-submit the application and also that when the time comes God will move Lambeth Council to allow it to go through.

Church Tidy Up

March 2015

This month members of the congregation gave their time on three consecutive Saturdays to tidy up the inside of the main church building. This was a great success with a lot of junk removed and we even had the man power to give the vestry a new coat of paint.


February 2015

Sadly we discovered that some people have found their way into the vacant 160 Eardley Road building and have started living there.  The Church has now got a court order to evict them and are waiting to be given a date by the bailiffs. Afterward they are evicted we will need to improve the security on the property.

A New Cross for the Church and a Red Cross against the Plans.

September 2014

The cross was fixed but at a cost of £1875, less than originally quoted but still a significant bill.

Sadly the planning application for converting 160 Eardley Road into flats was rejected. However work has been continuing since on a re-submission which will address the council’s stringent requirements.

Does English Heritage think our Church Building is as Great as we do?

July 2014

Discussions were started about the potential to apply for the main church building to be listed as an important sight. If it was granted ‘Listed’ status it would open up the potential of funding from other bodies.

Weather Warning

January 2014

The Cross on the main church building was damaged in a storm. This led to lengthy discussions with the insurers.

Another Challenge

Dec 2013

A further set back occurred when copper was stolen from the roof of the main church building. Following this a video alarm system was fitted to prevent further thefts.

Trinitas Join the Project

November 2013

Nick Lee-Evans, the main architect for the ‘Plans to Serve’, recommended Trinitas CIC (Communitiy Interest Company) join the project to enable us to bring together 160 Eardley Road and the main church building under one project manager. Incorporating the services of Stephen Sharp as Project Manager, Charles Hayward as quantity surveyor and David Steward as Planning Specialist.

A New Vision for 160 Eardley Road

Easter 2013

Left with vacant possession on 160 Eardley Road our architect for the ‘Plans to Serve’ project, Nick Lee-Evans, conducted a feasibility study demonstrated that the building could be converted into 7 flats of various sizes, which would generate income for the main church project. Detailed plans for these flats were prepared and a planning application was submitted.

 Eardley Road – A Problem and an Opportunity

September 2013

160 Eardley Road has been part of the Holy Redeemer assets since it ceased being a church and for that time has been a source of significant rental income supporting the churches ministry.

The tenants renting 160 Eardley Road flagged up trading difficulties and after trying every avenue to keep afloat moved out of the building. They left with significant rental arrears and without paying dilapidations; leaving the building in poor condition.

Firming Plans

July 2012

A lot has happened since our last post in February. The consultations with our neighbours and church members has been very positive and our plans have been modified accordingly.  The main changes related to the phasing.  You can view the updated plans below and on our plans page.


The fundraising has gone well.  So far we have received around £26k from personal donations.  We are very grateful for people’s generosity. We have a Summer Fair planned on Saturday 15th September. But we still need to raise an additional £40k before approaching grant bodies. If you could help with this, we would be pleased to hear from you.  See one simple free way you can help here.

The next stage is an informal meeting with the church’s planning body, the DAC, who will need to approve plans.  Once we have discussed the plans with them and got an updated costing, we will go out to tender to draw up detailed plans for the work.

‘Plans to Serve’

February 2012

Plans for the renovation of the Holy Redeemer have arrived from the architect. He has produced three options for us to consider along with a costing.

It is very exciting to see the plans and these will be displayed at the launch of our ‘Plans to Serve’ project on 3rd March.

Residents and church members are invited to the launch party at Granton School Hall, Granton Road on Saturday 3rd March

4-5pm public meeting for local residents- there will be light refreshments served and a chance to view the plans, take a tour of the church building and see displays of the church’s history.

5pm onwards Church Family and friends celebrate the 80 year anniversary and the launch of the project with a buffet supper and talk from Jonathan Fletcher of Emmanuel Wimbledon.

Do invite friends and come along to celebrate with us and give feedback on the project.

Window of hope

January 2012

At the beginning of the month, things seemed to go from bad to worse. Having discovered leaks in the roof, a significant amount of water was found under several large windows after a storm with strong winds.

The architect’s conclusion was that a lot of the windows had loose panes of glass. The cost of repairs was a concern, but we found a glazing specialist who can do the repairs at a reasonable price. It will be a big job but it is good that we discovered this problem before any internal work began.

The leaks in the roof have been traced to various small cracks in the asphalt roof and these will be repaired at no cost to us by the contractor that did the original work.

The other goods news is that Nick Lee Evans Partnership has been appointed as architect to do the feasibility study for the next stage of development.  The firm has considerable expertise in ecclesiastical architecture and the conservation of historic buildings.

The good news and bad news

December 2011

The good news is that our restoration and development brief has been sent off to three Architects this month.  They will provide us with a costing for carrying out a feasibility study, which will look at possible designs and the cost of implementing our development ideas.   The study should start in January and be complete by the end of February.

Leak at HR

The bad news is that after the heavy rain we discovered that the church roof is leaking.  The roof was repaired in July so it is a set back to find that it is still leaking.  We initially discovered two leaks, which were then repaired. However, two further leaks were discovered after more storms.  We will get the leaks checked and repaired as soon as possible.

The long dry-out

October 2011

Fuel truck

After 4 years of inactivity, the large oil powered air heaters in the main church were fired up this month to help the church dry-out.  The plaster inside the church will need about a year to dry before it is possible to assess the damage and begin repairs.

One of the two boilers had to be promptly shut down as it began to over heat and the paint on the casing began to burn.  The plan is to run the remaining heater for a few hours a day with dehumidifiers to help the drying process.

HR Boilers

The two oil tanks can hold 300 gallons each and the heating units can burn up to 3 gallons an hour.  With oil costing 70p a litre, running the boiler for 4 hours a day will cost around £260 per month.  That is another good reason to consider alternative sustainable heating sources in the new development.

If anyone can lend the church a dehumidifier to help with the long dry-out, please contact the office.

Next phase planning

September 2011

The Vision

Following a series of consultation meeting, we have developed a draft vision statement and specification for the development of the Holy Redeemer. In summary our vision is

To renovate the Holy Redeemer Church into a modern space that is attractive, versatile and sustainable for a variety of church and community functions, while preserving the character of the church for posterity‘.

Although it is unlikely that this development work will begin for some years, the planning needs to happen now so that any structural changes – like upgrading the electrics – can happen when the plastering is done, hopefully, next year.

Church members are still invited to comment on the draft plans. The next stage will be for the architect to produce concept drawings and do a feasibility study.  Meanwhile, we will need to raise funds.

Phase one complete

July 2011

The first and urgent task in restoring the Holy Redeemer church building was to make it water tight.

Damage caused by theft
Damage caused by theft

This work was completed in July 2011 by Farnrise Construction under the supervision of Carden and Godfrey Architects. The 10 week project included the following:

  • Replacing cooper sheeting on the main roof
  • Repairing asphalt on the flat roofs
  • Deepening the gutters on the main roof
  • Repairing and painting the church tower
  • Installing a water proof membrane under the tower
  • Repairing and painting the windows
  • Installing experimental metal flashing to the windows
  • Repointing some of the brick work

The works were successful but eventful: we had three attempted thefts of metal from the roof during the works, resulting in one arrest. We therefore had to take steps to increase security at the church, which included fitting permanent security lights.


Repairs to main roof Gutters made deeper to increase drainage

More photos


The first phase of the building work was funded through the sale of a church property.  This will also meet some of the cost of phase two, which is estimated to be about £550,000.   The Southwark Diocese has also given the church a small grant.  But a considerable amount of money will need to be raised for the final development.

Various fund raising events have been planned, including a Summer Fair. Individual donations are important and people can raise money in small ways through using a search engine and shopping online.  But we are looking for people to come up with more fundraising ideas and organise events.

Do speak to Ian about your fundraising and building development ideas or post your comments below.


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