321 in January 24

Anyone would be welcome to join us for a free interactive discussion time to think about the most important questions in life. For more information get in contact with anyone at Holy Redeemer.

You can do the course yourself at home or do it together with a friend. Follow this link to the 321 website, and log in – it’s all free.

Christianity Explored

Why are we here?

Who is Jesus?

Is he a real person?

What about death?

Can anyone trust the Bible?

What’s the point to life?

I want to know about…

If you have questions, then Christianity Explored or something similar is for you. This year, in January 2024 we are running a 321 course. Click on the link here for more information, or just turn up on a Sunday and speak to someone to find out more about something similar starting soon in Streatham or nearby.

email info@holyredeemer.org.uk and book yourself on a course, or arrange to have a conversation with Ian, the vicar.