Weekly Update 26/5/2021

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

How do we score on ‘being devoted to one another’ and ‘honouring one another above ourselves’ in the Church family? It’s quite a challenge isn’t it? 

The Church of God is described in a variety of ways in the Bible – as the household of God, as the family of God, and as the body of Christ.

As the body of Christ, the Church, we’ve each got different parts to play. I need you. You need me. We need each other to be able to do the work of God. This is part of our worship of God. But it’s not easy. By nature I think I’m more important than you. I even think I’m more important than God.

In Romans 12:10 Paul tells us that, as part of our worship, we’re to: Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. And to honour one another above yourselves, in the body of Christ.

The background is Jesus’ instructions to love one another as He has loved us; and to love others as we love ourselves, even when, and especially when, we find one another difficult.

It’s a ‘tall order’ isn’t it? But with God at work nothing is impossible. Lets pray for His help and use the skills and experiences and talents He’s given us as we seek to honour one another above ourselves in our partnership to build his kingdom.

With the lifting of lockdown, there’s all kinds of work to be done –
– singing and playing music, hospitality,
– PA and live streaming,
– welcoming and greeting,
– teaching and assisting,
– visiting and encouraging,
– discipling and training,
– serving on the PCC
– and looking after the buildings.

There is something for everyone. And as we use the skills our Father has given us we’ll get to know each other and have the joy of serving the Lord by serving one another and the needs of our community.

If you feel that there is something God has made you to, and you haven’t found a way to do it yet, do talk to me or any member of the PCC.

Your brother in Christ,

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