ONE – a biblical discussion on racism, ethnicity and injustice

The UK’s recent race disparity audit has spotlighted realities about ethnic disparity
that many have experienced first hand for decades.
We are more ethnically diverse than ever, but differences in our treatment and quality of life are stark.​
Asian and Black households are more likely to be poor and to face persistent poverty than other ethnic groups. Achievement at school tends generally to track economic advantage, but black Caribbean pupils seem to face a consistent disadvantage, even in wealthier homes.

​Despite significant reductions in the last ten years, black men are still three and half times more likely
​to be stopped by police than white men.

What might be even more disappointing to those of us who call ourselves Christians is that our churches are not immune to racial discrimination—and too often fail to live out a biblical vision for ethnicity and racial inclusion. 

So how can we address these challenges in both our churches and broader society?

ONE aims to help churches hold biblical conversations around these issues.
​These discussions might only be a first step …..  but no journey was ever achieved without  it.

The resources on this page will help churches hold and pursue this conversation.

ONE: a panel discussion, and discussion starter ….

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